24 Hours of Truth: Berlin: June 23rd + 24th

Juni 23, 2018 – Juni 24, 2018 ganztägig
Alexanderplatz Berlin
10178 Berlin

If you want to take part in this event, please click ‚going‘ and register at24hrsoftruth.com/#register.

+++ 12PM-12PM: CUBE OF TRUTH +++
The Cube of Truth is a direct action street outreach and demonstration. We provide information for people in an attempt to break down unawareness and show the cruelty inherent in meat, dairy and egg production. We will also be offering the public the opportunity to experience life from a livestock animal’s perspective with virtual reality technology. All footage used shows the standard practices for animal-based food production in Germany.

IMPORTANT: Please bring a laptop or tablet if you have one. If you do not, please come along anyway; masks and signs will be provided on the day. Please wear black clothing if possible. Please fully charge your laptop/tablet for the day.

IMPORTANT: Download VLC Player to your laptop or tablet.

IMPORTANT: Download the following clips to your laptop or tablet from the link below as there will be no internet connection on site:
– International: https://goo.gl/ajUXsR
– German: https://goo.gl/1RcU1y

+++ 12PM-1PM: SILENT MARCH +++
Following the 24-hour-long Cube of Truth we will march together from the demo site to Potsdamer Platz with our masks on. Signs to hold up and spread the message to bystanders while marching will be provided on the day. Upon arrival to Potsdamer Platz we will gather to hear a speech (speaker yet to be announced) which will finish off the event.

For further information or questions, please click here: 24hrsoftruth.com.
Don’t forget to spread the word about this event!

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