Welcome to my homepage!

Here you can have a look at some of my films – shortfilms and documentaries.

The films expand mostly from serious topics like poverty and diseases like dementia onto shortfilms about racism. I enjoy getting a look into a hole spectrum of different professions and life perspectives, wether about early school leavers afraid of unemployment or young people choosing to live without money. Getting different Ideas and a peak into different lifes, makes one own life more valueable and balance ones priorities.


***My current Documentary about foodwaste depends on support and needs your help! Please have a look at the campaign and share with your friends & family.***


I’m a student from Germany and I started doing films about 7 years ago.

The more films I did the more I matured and changed myself. Right now I got inspired by my new project about foodwaste. Of course I intend to inform myself more and more about the topics I’m working with. Since then I also attach importance


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