I call it foodge – just as tasty, just as good

I call it foodge – just as tasty, just as good

Eine 10-Minütige Vorschau für die Dokumentation über Lebensmittelverschwendung – 2015

I call it foodge – just as tasty, just as good TRAILER

Tons of food are being thrown away. With this documentary I aim to enlighten people about this issue

This documentary intends to enlighten our society about local and global foodwaste and helps to seek for alternative solutions.

  • In the beginning of 2014 I heard about the concept of „Foodsharing„, which started 2013, for the first time and since then I tend to attach more importance to the topic of foodwaste.
  • Most people „know“ this issue excists, but still they won’t be confronted with it as much as it is actually present in our daily life. With every choice we make buying, we affect the demand.

With a global wide documentary I’d like to

  1. give people a reality check about the distribution of food in our society,
  2. clarify how much food is going to the garbage for unnecessary reasons
  3. show what kind of solutions and concepts there are to help reduce foodwaste – concepts that work all over the world.

This Video is a Trailer – the first version. Click here for the second version with updated and new material. A third version is coming up soon.

  • I’d like to take you on a long journey related to this topic. I want to show places you haven’t been and show you something that you’ve never seen.
  • More topics/activities will be documented, e.g. non profit relief organizations, leader of food corporations, legislative authorities, dumbster diving, urban gardening, nutrionists, …
  • Everything will be compared to other countries – if I get the possibility to travel into foreign cities.

How you can help & What you get

I am doing films out of my own pocket forever, but now that I am going for bigger documentaries, I rely on some support.

  • Everything about film takes a lot of money. Starting with the making of a concept, the preproduction, getting helpers and assistance, who for example research new possibilites and events we need to catch with the camera. Coming to the camera: Most of the cash is going for the Equipment (camera, tripod, lights, microphone…etc.). Since I am aiming to produce a global documentary, I’d like to compare countries and cities and their traditions about nutrition and how to treat groceries. Therefore a little travel also needs support.
  • Beginning of 2014 I started living without money as far as possible. I also worked for filmprojects for free or with that little earned money as far as possible. Since I was forced saving a lot of times (to even pay rent), I know exactly how to get a lot of things (or even a HUGE project) with little money – because I’m used to it.

The importance

This is something that has to be done NOW. The issue of foodwaste doesn’t vanish by itself – in fact, it grows bigger and bigger.

  • A documentary, which will be able to watch for free on YouTube and any other Socialmedia, will help enlighten people all over the world about what is happening and what will happen, if we don’t do anything.
  • This issue concerns children, mothers, families, businessmen, hipsters, doctors, divorced couples, noble price winners, celebreties, homeless – just everyone who does eat sometimes. Therefore elucidation is VERY important.
  • I am always occupied with serious topics like poverty, unemployment, racism and diseases like dementia. The Issue of food waste is very important to me and should be to everyone.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge would be to illustrate the comparison between the countries. Traveling into foreign countries without knowing the language, without knowing people to interview or having a place to stay.

  • Personally I am very open minded and I already traveled a lot like this. I also like to work with pedestrians as you can see in the Trailer.
  • Almost all of my films were produced spontaneously, with people I found on the street in different cities/countries.

Open your Heart – Open your Mind – Open your Mouth

One of the biggest problems of the society worldwide is a lack of elucidation and the knowledge about what is happening around us. This leads to unmeant and unneeded ignorance thinking and intolerance.

  • With small steps, like informing yourself by watching the trailer and talking to your fellow men about the issue of foodwaste, you can help to look for a long-run cure.
  • Please help me to fulfull my dream, so many wishes and hopes of people in need can be fulfilled, too.


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